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If you are looking to book cheap maxi taxi Sydney airport to the city or from the Sydney city or CBD to Sydney Airport in a convenient way then Fixed Price Maxi Taxi is the company you can trust. Fixed Price Maxi Taxi provides maxi cabs from Sydney airport to Sydney CBD. If you want to book a maxi taxi from Sydney airport to any part of the Sydney city, nothing can be better than our company as we have all that is required to get a comfortable, convenient and affordable ride in our maxi cab from Sydney airport to Sydney CBD. We are one of the most renowned maxi taxi companies in Sydney and have trained and professional drivers available for the service of the customers. With so many companies offering maxi taxi services there are many reasons why you should choose us and client satisfaction is one of them. We offer the highest satisfaction to the customers and give them the services they can trust.


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Different Maxi Taxi Services We Offer To Transport Between Sydney Airport And Sydney CBD


We offer affordable maxi cabs from Sydney airport to the city. You can get a variety of maxi taxis to choose from like 4 seater, 7 seaters, 11 seaters etc. You can book the type of maxi cab you want as per your requirements. We understand that there are many maxi taxi companies out there in Sydney making big promises when it comes to airport transfers from Sydney airport to Sydney city, but not all can provide good and affordable maxi taxi in Sydney airport.


Why Choose Fixed Price Maxi Taxi to Move From Sydney Airport to Sydney CBD


There are many reasons which make us the best service provider when it comes to maxi taxi Sydney airport to the city, and given are a few things which make us the best.

  • Fixed Priced Maxi Taxi: We don’t try to over-charge the people who are unaware of the Sydney Airport maxi taxi cost. For everyone, we provide a fixed price which takes away the chances for you to get overcharged.
  • Affordable Maxi Cabs: We are one of the most affordable maxi cab Sydney airport to city service providers. We charge the most affordable rates and make sure that you pay only what you had been told. Our maxi taxi Sydney airport to city taxi fare suits everyone’s pockets and you spend only what is reasonable. Unlike many other maxi cab companies, we do not run after money. Client satisfaction and happiness is our utmost motive.
  • Quick Maxi Taxi Airport Transfer Quote: We give you the estimate of the service at the commencement of the service. We give a free and fast maxi taxi Sydney airport to city quote so that you are well informed and know what you are paying to the company. We are totally transparent when it comes to airport transfers from the Sydney airport to the Sydney city and all the taxes and fees are included in the fare.
  • Our Maxi Cabs Cover Entire Sydney: We can take you from Sydney Airport to any part of the Sydney city. Whether you need Sydney airport transfers from Sydney CBD to Sydney airport or transfers from Sydney airport to the Sydney city, we can do all for you.
  • Maxi Taxi with Baby Seat and Wheelchair available: We understand your needs and have a maxi taxi with a baby seat in Sydney airport and wheelchair friendly maxi cabs for you.  Our cars are very comfortable and great for people of all ages.
  • Airport and Sydney CBD pick up as well as drop off services: We at Fixed Price Maxi Taxi offer maxi taxi Sydney airport to Sydney CBD transfers. We specialize in Sydney airport to CBD transfers.


  • Timely services: We offer the services on time and make sure that your time is not wasted. We are the most punctual maxi taxi service provider in Sydney Airport and give the customer’s best services in a timely fashion at all times.
  • Friendly and cooperative staff: We have the best cooperative team when it comes to customer service. The staff of our company is ready to answer all your questions and give you superior services which suit your needs. We listen to customer needs and give them the best services that they like.  If you want to book maxi taxi Sydney airport to any destination in Sydney city, our experts can help you.
  • Best Maxi Taxis with Various Amenities: Our taxis are air-conditioned and come with security cameras. You don’t need to worry when you travel in a taxi by Fixed Price Maxi Taxi. We have fully equipped cabs which have the best facilities and highly trained drivers who are dedicated to giving you the best transfers in a maxi taxi from Sydney airport to Sydney CBD.


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With so many benefits and reasons to choose us, there is no way you should hire another maxi taxi from Sydney airport. Get your peace of mind with maxi taxi Sydney international airport transfers. We make transfers from Sydney airport to the city super easy and hassle-free. With the best staff to cater to your needs and great cars which are convenient to travel in there is absolutely no reason why you should choose companies running after the money for maxi taxi service Sydney airport. Whenever you need great services we are just a call away and give you the satisfaction that you crave for.


Book Maxi Taxi From Sydney Airport to the Sydney City & CBD 

We offer Sydney wide coverage and services to all the major locations in Sydney. There are very few companies with a kind of wide coverage as we have. The drivers also know all the major destinations of the city and so you will never be lost when you travel with us. We offer friendly and reliable service at great Sydney airport maxi taxi cost. We aim to offer the best possible services to all our customers for maxi taxi Sydney airport to the city & CBD and yet charge just a fixed price for the services you avail. We offer a variety of services as per your needs. Whether you need rapid city transfers, baggage transport, airport transfers or any other help we are there for you. We can also book hotels for you if you need help with it and give you the best experience on your visit to Sydney. Give us a chance and you will never regret your choice. Call us and book a maxi taxi from Sydney airport to the city & Sydney CBD.


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